The Social Cave Project Explores Designs of the Future

 - Apr 30, 2011
The Social Cave project was created by the Research Lab Non-linear Solutions Unit at GSAPP Columbia University. The Salone Satellite Furniture Fair chief curator Marva Griffin came up with a brilliant idea that would give students a chance to explore their talents. Caterina Tiazzoldi was the project leader and Mirko Arcese and Luca Blada were the interaction designers for this endeavor. The idea of the project came about with the question of where design was heading in the future.

The Social Cave project was on display at the Furniture Fair in Milan and ended up being a great success. People would walk into the cave and explore what the creators called a "new frontier of socialization," where visitors interacted with projected shadows. The Social Cave is made out of recycled foam and merges physical and virtual space. The designers wanted to see if this merger would encourage "a new platform for interaction."