Professional Bubble Makers Create Oversized Soap Bubbles

 - Jan 25, 2013
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This collection of soap bubbles comes from Chassat Benjamin and Sylvian Letuvee and features some magnificent images of oversized, multicolored bubbles.

You might ask yourself "Aren't bubbles transparent?" You're right they are see-through, but these images capture some interesting angles where the sun's rays bring out a rainbow full of colors within the massive bubbles. These aren't the kind of bubbles you blow out of a toy bubble maker before dipping it back in the bottle for more chemical; these are full-scale, bigger-than-life bubbles. There's something inherently majestic about watching a bubble float through the air. The impending pop always creates a suspenseful energy.

In a few of these massive soap bubbles, they even blew mini bubbles inside. The formations of the bubbles, which often move far from the traditional sphere shape, are also an interesting piece of this collection's appeal.