These Photos Feature Toys Soaked in Paint and Thrown in the Air

 - Jul 18, 2013
References: schafrick & thisiscolossal
This artistic photo series by Peter Schafrick features children's toys soaked in paint. Schafrick dipped these playthings in colorful paint and then threw them up in the air and photographed them. The result was visually intriguing.

Schafrick used doll heads, balls and various other items in this paint-splattered series. These shots capture paint soaked toys subjected to centrifugal force, which is extremely neat. As these objects spin in the air they send paint flying in every direction. Some of these toys are so covered in vibrant paints that it's hard to know what they actually are underneath it all.

Peter Schafrick's creative paint-filled series is as fun to look at as it probably was to create. Dipping toys in paint and throwing them up in the air sounds like a decent way to kill time.