This Living Snowman Prank Tricks Helpful Pedestrians

 - Dec 12, 2012
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This snowman prank plays on pedestrians' kindness as they reach down to pick up a fallen sign in a storefront.

A life size snowman stands in front of a store still as can be. He looks so still he could be a statue, which is exactly what most people assume he is as they walk by. Just as they are approaching the snowman, he drops his sign reading "Happy Holidays." Naturally, the pedestrians often reach down to pick up the sign with the intent of putting it back in the snowman’s hands and continuing about their day. However, as soon as they get close to the snowman, he takes a step forward and reaches for their shoulders.

The key to this snowman prank is the pedestrians are so preoccupied with helping the store by fixing the sign that they don’t even consider that it could be a prank.