The Snore Absorption Room Aims to Offer a Better Night's Sleep

 - Jul 25, 2011
References: reuters & psfk
The snore absorption room is an idea that is being introduced by Crown Plaza hotel that could drastically change the way you sleep. The idea is that the room helps mute and absorb the snoring of your bedside partner in order to help you sleep better. It is estimated that couples in the UK lose somewhere between 1 to 5 hours of sleep as a result of being woken by their partner's snoring.

The snore absorption room is a brilliant concept by Crown Plaza because it addresses the user experience of their product and tries to make that experience better.

Implications - The internet has given consumers a range of options when it comes to their travel needs. Consumers are looking for a unique experience when they go away, regardless of how they are paying. Companies should consider novel ways to attract customers that are bombarded with choice.