- Sep 2, 2008
References: gizmag
Ensure your family’s safety with Snobootz! 

When roads are covered with ice and snow, people have traditionally turned to snow chains to gain traction. Putting them on is a tedious procedure, but there Snobootz are a much easier way to deal with ice. 

Snobootz are made of a durable fabric skin which wraps around the tire. Rubber pads are bonded to the fabric which has steel cleats for outstanding ice-clawing traction.

Tests have proven that Snobootz are easier to use and store than chains. They’re expensive, but they are faster and more reliable.

Snobootz are available for popular vehicle and truck tire sizes. Installing them takes about a minute for each tire. S

Snobootz are ideal for small cars with wheel clearance difficulties that prevent them from using tire chains. They allow cars to climb, stop completely on a slope, and continue climbing without the risk of sliding backward.

Snobootz crush other technologies for their ultimate winter traction, user-friendliness and function. 

With Snobootz, you can climb the mountains with the confidence that, if the road gets slippery, you’ll be able to get to your destination safely.