This Motorized Scooter's Large Front Wheel Helps It Roll Over Obstacles

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: snikkybike & gizmag
Motorized scooters have increasingly become popular in urban environments as a great way to get around over shorter distances, or what's known as 'last-mile' transportation. However, while these scooters are lightweight and portable, they often have a hard time with potholes, something which poses a danger to the rider. This is where the SnikkyBike comes in.

Developed by a group of entrepreneurs based in Montreal, Canada the SnikkyBike motorized scooter is fitted with a large 700C bicycle wheel in the front and a small 16-inch motorized wheel at the rear. This design makes it possible for the rider to roll over obstacles with ease instead of suffering jarring collisions and falls.

The SnikkyBike is a truly innovative scooter in that it effectively manages to blend together portability and light weight on one hand and ruggedness on the other.