The Sneakersnstuff France Location is an Elegant and Airy Boutique

Sneakersnstuff has just opened one of its renowned sneaker shops in the Sentier area of Paris.

The new Sneakersnstuff brick and mortar fascinatingly combines the aesthetics of sneaker culture with the elegant, whimsical feel of a Parisian boutique. On the one hand, the space is filled with industrial, minimalist elements. The sneaker shop's walls are made of exposed brick painted a stark white, and structural elements like cement columns and ceiling ducts remain purposely undisguised. Sneakers and clothing are arranged on stacked crates and wire frame furniture. In contrast, floral wallpaper covers one wall of the store -- but, in keeping with the decor theme, it's tattered, revealing another layer of maroon patterned paper beneath.

The entire retail space takes design elements that fit a stereotypical Parisian boutique, and then gives them a stylish street feel.