The Smoke Detector Chick-a-Dee Warns You with Warm Serenading Sounds

 - Jul 19, 2011
References: & incrediblethings
Smoke alarms don't exactly give off the most welcoming sounds but fortunately, the Smoke Detector Chick-a-Dee does when flames arise.

The Smoke Detector Chick-a-Dee is a bird-shaped smoke alert that will warn you if you're burning your pot roast. Instead of an annoying blaring warning, you get the sweet sounds of a bird chirping. Don't worry about it not being effective because the company promises that for your safety, the chirps will get louder under serious circumstances. Just remember that even though the sounds are soothing and calm, you should still run toward the kitchen before the entire house goes up in flames.

The Smoke Detector Chick-a-Dee was selected as a winning design in by the Union of Dutch Insurance Companies in the Netherlands.