The Smartphone Map Indicates the Device Each State Prefers

 - Aug 7, 2011
References: techcrunch
Considering the Cold War atmosphere that surrounds the smartphone industry, it's only natural to ask where the allegiances of your neighbors lie; now you have an answer, thanks to the Smartphone Map compiled by the Jumptap Network.

Parsing the information provided by its 83-million-person network, the mobile marketing company Jumptap put together a map that indicates what device different states prefer to use. If you look at the Smartphone Map, several patterns begin emerging: Android phones are exceedingly popular on the Western seaboard, while iPhones dominate in the Great Lakes region and in New England. For the time being, New York remains among the only BlackBerry garrisons.

Remember, these results are from marketing research and will continue to be analyzed to improve advertising. For instance, more Android phones are sold in the United States at the moment, yet ads on iOS devices perform better and receive more click-throughs.