This New Product Will Transform the Experience of Gaming on Phones

 - Aug 5, 2015
A new European start-up is about to launch its first product, which they claim will change the way we play games on our smartphones. It will be the first gaming controller that is fitted on a specially designed screen cover by suction pads. That means the GameBeat can easily be removed and used to play on any other device. The screen cover locks in place at any angle the user wants due to the friction hinge sewn into it. The GameBeat gives the user what they really need – physical buttons and portability.

Initially, it will be developed exclusively for Android 4.0 + devices. The reason for that is the open source nature of the OS. It will connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth connection. The iOS support will soon follow. Every popular game like Dead Trigger, NFS, SG: Death Zone and emulators will work with the gadget.

GameBeat will launch on IndieGoGo September 8th and needs to raise at least $100,000 to go into mass production.