The Eutelsat smartLNB and Prodea ROS Platform Extend Beyond Video

 - Apr 14, 2015
References: eutelsat & benzinga
This smart TV platform by Eutelsat and Prodea changes the way one looks at the traditional video streaming experience. As the concept of smart TV evolves, features like home monitoring, energy management and health and wellness aim to make the lives of users more enjoyable and convenient.

In addition to offering these sophisticated features. Eutelsat's 'smartLNB' and Prodea ROS Platform also boasts eLearning and eGovernment capabilities along with video-focused features like On-Demand viewing, satellite TV access and live streaming options.

Going far beyond traditional video capabilities, this Smart TV platform illustrates the growing demand for Internet of Things services among today's tech-savvy consumer demographic. As technology evolves, as do our entertainment systems like this hyper-connected product that is focused on user convenience.