LG Launched a Smartphone-Controlled Light Bulb Called 'Smart Bulb'

 - Mar 26, 2014
References: lg & mashable
Smart Bulb is the latest innovative by tech company LG. The light bulb, which connects to both Android and iOS devices, was just released in Korea, and is said to have many interesting features.

Smart Bulb is a 10W LED light, which can be controlled from your phone to adjust brightness levels and flashes when receiving an incoming call. Some other features are related to the security of your home; the bulbs can be controlled to turn on and off randomly while you're away, and can pulsate to the tune of music (in case you decide to throw an impromptu rave).

These bulbs are also eco-friendly, as they only have to be replaced every 10 years -- provided you use them less than five hours each day. Given they last so long, the price is impeccable; the bulbs are being sold in Korea for 35,000 Won each ($32 US). There is no word on when they will be making it to North America.