This App Brings the Slot Machine Experience to the Smartwatch

'LED Gaming' recently teamed up with Chicago-based game developer 'Purple Gator' to bring the casino slot machine experience to the smartwatch. While the idea of online gambling is nothing new, the industry has largely remained untapped by smartwatch app developers. However, now there is a smartwatch app that makes gambling as simple as tapping your wrist.

'Double Luck Nudge' is a haptic gambling app that is specially designed for smartwatches. The game relies on the same visuals, sounds and math models as conventional slot machines to provide the full casino experience. In addition, the app uses touch sensation and user interaction to add a haptic element to the game. As a result, the app creates immersive game play that is similar to the real slot machine experience. As Purple Gator CEO Andrew Nadhir explains, "Really, you’re bringing the casino right to your watch."

The only catch is that as of right now users cannot bet real money due to the fact that online gambling is illegal in the majority of US states. Despite the limitations, the game demonstrates the future of immersive gambling.