Slobodan Cvijetić's Concept Cordless Drill is for Rookie DIYers

 - Oct 7, 2013
References: slobodancvijetic.wordpress & tuvie
Slobodan Cvijetić has undertaken the bold task of redesigning the power drill. His concept cordless drill is a simplistic design that would make one of the most iconic power tools easier to use. Cvijetić's design is slim, compact and easy to use. There are only three buttons on it: a power button, a speed button and a directional button.

Most power drills don't have that many buttons, but understanding what each one does can be a hassle. The concept cordless drill clearly labels the function of each button, such as arrows being used to show which direction the drill is spinning. Simplifying tools is a great way to get people to become more handy and to undertake more DIY projects. Slobodan Cvijetić's design is still just a concept, but the age of bulky and confusing power tools appears to be on its way out.