'Slice' is the First Pillow That Can Be Adjusted by Height & Firmness

 - Nov 15, 2017
References: kickstarter
'Slice' is the most comfortable pillow ever made; no matter what, it perfectly cradles and supports the head and neck. It is customized to one's body type and sleeping preferences because each user builds their dream pillow exactly as they want. 

The Slice Pillow is made up of five one-inch soft, medium and firm slices that are ready to be arranged, added or removed to build the pillow as thick, thin, soft or firm as desired. One Slice pillow can be transformed into over 60 different pillows.

Making a custom pillow is easy -- unzip the case and build the pillow as thin or thick as desired with the slices of your desired firmness on top. The creators of Slice suggest testing multiple combinations until the perfect one is discovered.