The 'Somnova' Smart Sleeping Mat Curbs Snoring Non-Invasively

 - Dec 22, 2016
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
Those looking for a drug-free way to help eliminate their snoring will find the 'Somnova' smart sleeping mat to be one of the most non-invasive methods of doing so. The 'Somnova' works by being placed underneath sheets prior to getting some shuteye. When the system detects that you are snoring, the 'Somnova' instantly goes to work by inflating the pad and will move your body into a new position to eliminate the snoring.

The 'Somnova' smart sleeping mat is designed to ensure that it won't disturb sleepers when it's in use and can work to effectively curb snoring without masks, strips or other wearables. The 'Somnova' mat can be utilized at home on a nightly basis and even be brought with you when traveling.