This Sleep App Studies Your Body's Movements As You Snooze

 - Jul 9, 2016
References: & nytimes
SleepBot is an innovative new sleep app that is designed to be able to monitor and track your body's movements as you pass through different stages of sleep, so you can figure out how to maximize your rest factor.

Free for download for both the iOS and Android platforms, the SleepBot app requires you to place your phone under your pillow while you're sleeping. As you transition through different stages of sleep, the sleep app records your movements. It then takes into account your alarm setting, and only allows the alarm to go off when it detects that you're in a period of light sleep.

The advantage with this functionality is that, by waking up during light sleep, you'll be able to avoid or at least mitigate the unpleasant grogginess and headaches that can occur when you awaken from a deep sleep.