The 'Sleep With Us' Backpack Bed is Based on a Traditional Shepherd's Coat

 - Nov 9, 2015
References: wallpaper
This unique backpack bed called 'Sleep With Us' was created by the Berlin-based design studio Blond & Bieber. The creative design team based this product on an traditional Shepherd's coat, which is called a 'kepenek.'

The old Shepherd coats were made with resistant felt, which was ideal for sleeping in nearly any place at any time. Following this theme, Blond & Bieber's design uses durable wool strictly found in German breeds of sheep. Additionally, the straps are made from highly durable leather, which is hand-crafted and produced in Germany.

Sleep With Us is ideal for avid travels. Whether hitting the rustic mountain trails or catching some sleep in an airport, this backpack is a great option for relaxing. The backpacks are currently available for purchase and come in a variety of colors. This bag is also a great example of how traditional tactics can be used to produce useful modern products.