The Wood & Metal PC Mouse by Slava Saakyan Fuses Modernity & Mechanics

 - Jun 7, 2011
References: slavasaakyan & walyou
The wood and metal PC computer mouse designed by Slava Saakyan combines industrial design with historical and traditional mechanics. The middle structure of the mouse is made using wood and the two buttons on either side of it are made using metal. While traditional electric or wireless mouses operate on a battery or a current, this mouse by Slava Saakyan operates on a wheel-based mechanism that doesn't require any wiring or electricity.

Slava Saakyan was inspired to create a product or gadget that was able to fuse both industrial processes with traditional mechanics. In addition to its intricate design and structure, the mouse is also aesthetically pleasing as the wood is very smooth-looking and the silver buttons give it a modern quality. This mouse demonstrates how simplicity can still find its place in today's fast-paced and advanced world.