The Slap Furniture Collection by Nicola Conti Reveal Its Inner Quality

 - May 29, 2014
The Slap Furniture collection looks as though it has been slapped so hard, the corners are peeling away. Better than any allusion to bruising, the minimalist designs are given a nice touch of personality through these details. Another way to interpret the name of the line is that it has been slapped together, hence the edges. Yet the Slap Furniture collection has too much quality for people to dwell on that interpretation for too long.

Designed by Nicola Conti, an industrial designer based in Pesaro, Italy, the Slap Furniture collection addresses various parts of the house. For instance, it boasts cabinetry for the living areas as well as sinks and shelves for the bathroom. The designer writes, "The special edges to flip through allowing the wood to come out exposing the true essence of the product."