Fabrice Wittner Photographs a Group of Slackliners in Action

 - Jan 12, 2012
References: wittner-fabrice & photographyserved
In 'Portfolio Summer: Slackline,' viewers see a group of 11 young, avid slackline enthusiasts lensed by Vietnam-based author and photographer, Fabrice Wittner.

For the uninitiated, slacklining is a type of sport in which the player, known as a slackliner, balances and walks on the webbing secured at two anchor points. In 2008, Wittner worked with Slack.fr in an attempt to promote the activity, which has evolved greatly since then.

Dynamic and flexible in nature, this sport can be carried out at almost every location, whether in the streets, parks or over waters on cliffs. Various types of slacklining stunts can be seen in Wittner’s 'Portfolio Summer: Slackline' series -- namely urbanlining, highlining and even yoga slacklining. Ultimately, Fabrice Wittner is bringing an understated, yet exciting form of athleticism to light.