Skyrise Chicago, World's Tallest Stair Climb, has Hand-Cycling

 - Oct 26, 2010
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(SPONSORED) Could you climb 2,109 steps in 13 minutes? That’s how long it took top climbers at Skyrise Chicago last year to ascend the 103 flights of Willis Tower. (It took the average participant 30 to 45 minutes to complete the climb.)

The second annual Skyrise Chicago climb benefiting the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago (RIC) will be held on November 14th. Not only is Skyrise Chicago the world’s highest indoor stair climb, it is also the world’s first to offer a hand-cycling option in addition to the traditional foot climb.

Last year, there were almost 1,800 participants from 31 states and five countries, and the event raised more than $650,000 in support of RIC. RIC is an innovative rehabilitation clinic known for its breakthrough medical technology like brain-controlled bionic arms and robotic walking therapies.

Check out the video and gallery for highlights and photos from last year’s Skyrise Chicago stair climb.

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