Skype 3D Video Calls are in the Works for more Enhanced Communications

 - Aug 30, 2013
References: fastcompany
Although some people might roll their eyes at the thought of Skype 3D video calls, especially since 3D technology is not getting the love that tech companies and investors thought it would, it could still be an impressive development for online chatting. Since the advent of Skype, people have been able to maintain more meaningful communications with others not living in their immediate vicinity. Skype 3D video calls could make these conversations feel even more significant.

Still in development, Skype 3D video calls are at the mercy of the tech found in consumer devices. Mark Gillett, a senior executive with the firm, says, "I can imagine a day when you have a 3-D cellphone screen that doesn't need 3-D glasses to use it. It's less clear to me that we're close to having 3-D cameras on cellphones."