SKY TAXI Concept Soars Into Future of Transportation

 - Sep 22, 2009
References: coroflot &
One of my favorite movies to date is ‘The Fifth Element,’ so imagine my excitement over Rizki Tarisa’s concept design, SKY TAXI. I mean, come on! A flying taxi? It brings back all those fond memories of Leeloo dropping in on Korben Dallas for the first time.

On a more serious note, Rizki Tarisa conceptualized SKY TAXI to alleviate the traffic congestion. Submitted for the KLM Indonesia Aircraft Design Competition 2009, Naresh Chauhan reports that "the SKY TAXI services apart from catering cities with big airports will also provides services in minor places with medium or even smaller airports. The SKY TAXI services will further be supported by a long distance, high capacity aircraft carrier called "MOEDER" that will carry five Medium Capacity Aircrafts (MCA) and drop or depart them in the midway to serve the medium or small range destination, without wasting any time in landing and taking off again."