RenovaCare's SkinGun Heals Skin Rather than Hurting It

 - Jul 7, 2016
References: renovacareinc & fastcoexist
Like something out of a futuristic sci fi thriller, the SkinGun from RenovaCare sprays a fluid containing the receiver's stem cells onto wounds, allowing them to heal faster than when left to the body's devices. "Gun" is perhaps an exaggeration, as RenovaCare's skin guns shoot a fine mist, called CellMist, onto wounds.

The CellMist treatment has been used to treat second-degree burns, and RenovaCare expects to use it on "chronic wounds, vitiligo, scars, and other skin disorders" in the future. Using the SkinGun, the CellMist treatment takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.

When compared to traditional methods of skin treatment, like skin grafts, RenovaCare's skin guns effectively heal a plethora of conditions without any painful, invasive surgeries. Instead, the CellMist system only requires "a postage stamp-sized sample of donor skin."