Take a Seat Before Seeing This Shocking Sitting Down Infographic

Everyone who works in an office environment should take a gander at this ghastly 'Sitting Down' infographic.

The shocking statistics in this 'Sitting Down' infographic reflect the dangers of sitting down. One might think sitting in a chair is harmless, but this infographic reveals all of the dangers associated with seats. This infographic is powerful and definitely has the potential to shock people into physical activity.

The 'Sitting Down' infographic is beautifully designed; all of the data is bolded in easy-to-read fonts and the images are colored brightly. This makes the complete image hard to ignore, and rightly so.

The 'Sitting Down' infographic is so scary you might have to take a seat -- just don't sit too long.

Implications - Consumers living in urban areas have very fast-paced lives and have little time to read an abundance of information. Therefore, the advertisements they connect with are those which are visually stimulating and compact. Companies should consider developing advertisements such as infographics to appeal to busy demographics.