Shufl is an Online Marketplace to Trade One Item for Another

 - Jul 29, 2015
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Rather than having people shell out their hard-earned cash for a shiny new item, Shufl introduces a new way to acquire desired items. The app hosts a marketplace where users can trade one item for another with other local users.

In the style of Tinder, Shufl users can sift through the assortment of items on the app in order to look for items that might be worthy of a trade. When two people mutually like what the other has offered, a dialog is opened up to negotiate a trade. A chat then becomes the place where users can organize details for physically exchanging these items.

Other services that are leading a boom in the sharing economy include apps like Peerby for resource borrowing, PeerShip for arranging package pick ups and drop offs and Swappi for trading fashion.