This Asain Shingen Mochi Cake Can Only Hold its Shape for 30 Minutes

 - Jun 15, 2014
References: & thatsnerdalicious
This delicious Shingen Mochi cake looks misleadingly like an enormous water droplet trapped on a dinner plate. While the Shingen Mochi dessert does look like a rainfall drop, it is in fact an sugary edible cake that needs to be eaten instantly or else it loses its shape and melts away.

The Shingen Mochi cake gets its water-like look from its main ingredient, spring water. The spring water is subtly sweetened and served with a side of brown sugar and syrup. The large quantity of water in this cake renders the dessert alluringly transparent. Because of the heavy water content in this cake, foodies are instructed to eat it in no less than 30 minutes otherwise the cake begins to melt and lose its water droplet-like shape.