'The Shelter Box' Provides Protection to Those Without Homes

 - May 15, 2017
References: youtube
The Shelter Box is a Milan-based social initiative that's helping the homeless population survive. Spring and summer in Milan sees a reduced number of available beds for homeless men and women. Countless members of the homeless population find themselves with nowhere to go once the winter emergency is over, and are often left with no choice but to return to the streets.

Non-profit organization MIA aims to combat this occurrence with a simple, multi-functional solution known as The Shelter Box. With a simple and easy-to-assemble design, The Shelter Box is helping the marginalized and vulnerable homeless community live their day-to-day lives.

The uncomplicated design is made from the same resistant cardboard that shops use and can easily transform into a table or chair, a bed, or a suitcase, so the men and women can carry their belongings around from place to place.

The sustainable and socially innovative design won't eradicate homelessness, but it's a progressive step towards a world that sees, understands and finds practical solutions for inequalities.