The Jay Shells 'Metropolitan Etiquette Authority' Hits NYC

Residents of New York City's Manhattan Island will soon be getting lessons in manners with their early morning (or late night) commute, as the Jay Shells 'Metropolitan Etiquette Authority' signs continue to pop up around the city. The faux association created by the New York-based artist first struck with posters in and around subway stations, providing passengers with etiquette tips on the go.

Now targeting people on the streets of Manhattan, Jay Shells's signs ask city-dwellers to cut back on talking and texting, which is a nuisance for surrounding people and a danger for the cell user. The sassy street signs also take a jab at NYPD officers who don't pick up after their horses.

The Jay Shells 'Metropolitan Etiquette Authority' street signs bring installation artwork to the people in a very direct way, using honesty and humor. If you're in the Manhattan area, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for these bold posters.