The Shark Week: The Most Massive Sharks Graphic Gets Visual

 - Aug 18, 2012
The 'Shark Week: The Most Massive Sharks' infographic explains which sharks are the largest. While the chart does explain them by length and weight, it gives no real idea of their level of danger. For instance, the Whale Shark, weighing in at 50,000 lbs and 40 ft, poses no real threat to humans. Contrastingly, the Tiger Shark, 1,400 lbs and only 10-14 ft long, has a much greater chance of being a real danger to people.

The Shark Week: The Most Massive Sharks graphic is a fascinating way to compare shark species and understand the differences between them physically. Shark Week 2012 by the Discovery Channel is here, and people can definitely tune in with a little more information thanks to content like this.