These Shades Bath Towels are Deliberately Bunched for Better Absorbency

 - Feb 6, 2014
References: florian-schmid & mocoloco
There is no way to hang up these Shades Bath Towels that will make them look smooth and tidy, but this is not a point against their inclusion in your crisp, clean and contemporary bathroom. Designed by Florian Schmid, this soft set actually provides an intriguing visual accent for a washroom space that is otherwise quite minimalist.

The rectangular pieces of terry cloth have been stitched up and down in such a way that makes the fabric bunch and billow, whether you suspend them from hooks or sling them over towel racks. The aesthetic result is this consistent cascading effect that casts beautiful shadows and introduces more texture into the space. Functionally speaking, the Shades Bath Towels' pleats and gathers give it better absorbency against your shower-wet skin.