Fashion Copious Documents What Turns Guys On In 2009

 - Apr 15, 2009   Updated: Aug 3 2011
References: fashioncopious.typepad
What makes a woman sexy in the eyes of guys? Fashion Copious thinks it’s more subtle than you might imagine. They suggest that fashion sexiness has changed. Their ideas of what's hot now? The unexpected peek at underwear, wearing his shirt, stretching, the intentional revealing of lacy undergarments, a bare back, wet skin, sheerness (including panty hose and sheer tops), poking skin, killer eyewear, and pierced nipples make up their top eleven.

Implications - A company eager to immediately increase brand awareness would be wise to invest in marketing that is sexually charged. By appealing directly to a consumer's carnal desires, the company will attract attention from consumers, critics of the ad's sexual content, and a controversy hungry media looking for a hot story. All three are integral to raising company profile.