Add Some Pizzazz to Your Ripped Jeans with This Simple Tutorial

 - Jan 26, 2014
While ripped pants offer a very rugged, edgy look, adding some bedazzle with these sequin jean accents will serve to add new life to your pants.

Rips were often features that came with wearing your jeans over time, nowadays retailers are jumping on the popularity of that look by intentionally adding slits and rips in apparel. With the onslaught of ripped apparel, consumers are starting to look for designs that are even more outside-the-box, thus making this sequin accent project something fashionistas will surely appreciate. Showcasing how you can easily transform an edgy pair of pants into a wonderfully flamboyant design, this DIY activity is a great way to revamp ordinary clothing into brand new looks.

Featured on the site 'Make A Cute Thing Every Day,' this DIY activity showcases how a little imagination can instantly transform a simple design.