The OHSO-Designed Toothbrush

 - Jul 23, 2007   Updated: Apr 6 2011
References: go-ohso
This OHSO-designed product is dubbed "the ultimate travel toothbrush." The idea is intuitive and makes me wonder why we don't use this for our home-based toothbrushes. The chrome and rubber brush looks easy enough to fill with your favorite dentifrice (toothpaste). The company is planning to make more colorful versions in the near future.

Implications - When it comes to traveling, convenience is at the top of the list. Over-packing often becomes an issue and so companies have catered to the business and adventurous crowd with smaller compact items. Products such as the OHSO toothbrush eliminates this common problem, providing additional space in luggage pieces, which is a much-needed convenience. Companies will continue to make compact-sized items to cater to frequent travelers.