The “See Me After School” Series Shows Teachers in Empty Classrooms

‘See Me After School’ is a photography series that shows schoolteachers in their classrooms after school is done. The series aims to capture the range of emotions and thoughts teachers experience after the end of the school day, including exhaustion, relief, reflection, concern, preparation and contentment. The portraits within the series were captured right after the end of the school day.

The ‘See Me After School’ series is the work of Brooklyn-based photographer Aliza Eliazarov. Eliazarov was herself an elementary and middle school teacher for eight years before leaving the profession to become a photographer. The series was inspired by her personal experiences and memories.

"After school is a poignant time in a teacher’s day. It’s one of both reflection and preparation -- exhaustion and relief, concern and contentment," Eliazarov says. "This portrait series is a glimpse into the world of the challenging life of today’s educator."