Sea Hyun Lee’s Work Depicts Nostalgia and Utopia

 - Mar 13, 2013
References: union-gallery &
Sea Hyun Lee takes an interesting approach in his paintings. The paintings' subject matter is full of paradoxes and involves so much symbolism that makes it impossible to catch all through just one glance. The artist's work is certainly one that requires it to be looked into.

The most visualized concept within the compositions is the eroding landscape, which further symbolizes the artist’s personal, nostalgic losses. The paintings depict the sense of wholeness with marks of eroded fragmentation.

Although may have gone unnoticed, Sea Hyun Lee also craftily adds political elements to this, which I will admit are not easy to catch. Chiefly, the paintings combine elements of both the North and South Korean mountains, and the color red is deeply symbolic.

The idea of vanishings and destruction is depicted gorgeously. Although fragmented, the landscape still looks mesmerizing, reminding us that whatever the losses may have been, life on earth still goes on.