The '4CLAWS' Wall Mount Cat Scratch Post Merges with Home Decor

 - Nov 10, 2016
References: & thegadgetflow
Traditional scratching posts for cats are often large and something of an eyesore in a space, so the '4CLAWS' Wall Mount Cat Scratch Post is intended to be a more discretionary design.

The '4CLAWS' scratching post features a slim form factor that can be affixed onto virtually any flat wall surface in order to instantly add a place for cats to perform their natural scratching tendencies. The dense scratch pad is created using pressed cardboard and is intended to be used for extended periods without showing signs of wear.

Pet ownership is remaining steady in North America with many consumers keeping a pet despite living in smaller spaces like apartments and condominiums in urban locations. The '4CLAWS' Wall Mount Cat Scratch Post enables them to install a space-saving unit that will help to keep indoor animals happy and healthy.