The Yellow Boiled Egg is Scrambled Before You Crack the Shell

 - Jul 13, 2011
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In Japan, a unique way of cooking scrambled eggs is to scramble your eggs even before you crack the shell, resulting in what is called a Yellow Boiled Egg. This is because the egg is yellow underneath its shell, rather than being typically white. It's quite a simple process to perfect.

First, place a raw egg in the middle of a stocking leg -- yes, I mean women's stockings. Grab each end of the stocking and twist about 20-25 times. When the stocking is fully twisted, quickly yank each end to unravel. Do this 10 times.

Here's the coolest part: to check if your egg is properly scrambled, go into a dark room (or turn the lights off in the room you are in) and shine a flashlight underneath the egg. Properly scrambled eggs will look reddish in color, while ones that need more scrambling will look yellow.

If your egg is red, simply boil it as you usually would. Then crack the shell and voila! Your Yellow Boiled Egg is ready!