Scott Waters Paints Lifelike Transports over Ornate Flowery Backdrops

 - Aug 31, 2012
References: scottwaters & winterteeth.tumblr
Juxtaposition is the name of the game of this Scott Waters painting series entitled ‘Domestic Violence.’ Using vintage wallpapers as canvases, Waters paints stunning realistic war vehicles that look as though someone took toy models and taped them onto his compositions. Thematically, there’s contrast between the war visuals and the flowery backdrops, but Waters manages to integrate planes, tanks and ships into the wallpapers without being too disruptive. The finished results are reflective of people’s mental states during the post-war era, when citizens were trying to lead simpler lives while coping with conflicts still fresh on their minds.

For those interested in the motifs presented by Scott Waters, many of his other paintings also deal with war-related imagery. It would be a great disservice to yourself if you didn’t check out the rest of his portfolio on his website.