Sci-Fi Shapes and Nerdy Numbers Encourages Higher Learning

 - May 26, 2014
References: amazon & nerdist
'Sci-Fi Shapes' and 'Nerdy Numbers' are the latest board books by Andrew and Sarah Spear, authors of 'My Little Geek.'

The sixteen-page glossies are a fun way to introduce and encourage learning to children. The books go above and beyond the typical counting-to-ten toddler fare, introducing the youngsters to brand new shapes (such as dodecahedrons and toroids) and numbers (such as googol). Sound intimidating? Don't worry! With these awesome illustrations, toddlers will pick up on these new concepts in no time. The books also have a narrative component, which is another great learning tool for these tiny tots -- or should I say, tiny nerds-in-the-making.

Don't underestimate the learning capacity of your toddlers. Sci-Fi Shapes and Nerdy Numbers let children flex their learning muscles by familiarizing them with brand new concepts.