This Sci-fi Hotel is Run Mostly by Machines

 - Nov 21, 2013
References: en.rocketnews24 & designtaxi
This sci-fi hotel is called the 'Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel' and is located in Shenzhen, China.

When you come to the entrance of this futuristic hotel, you'll immediately notice the robot greeter at the door, letting you know that your stay at this sci-fi hotel will be anything but ordinary. While there is a skeleton staff of humans working behind the scenes, most of the menial day to day task are carried out by machines. It is a capsule hotel though, so your beds will be tightly packed but the neon lights and shiny surfaces will create the illusion that you're in the sleeping quarters of a space ship on a trek to Mars.

The best part? One night here will only cost you $11. Making the possibility that the robots go all '2001: A Space Odyssey' completely worth the risk.