The School of Ants Project Wants You to Observe Insects in your Backya

 - Aug 18, 2011
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With only half of the estimated 30,000 species of ants properly classified and studied, it's clear that entomologists have a nigh-impossible task ahead of them -- luckily, the School of Ants project is here to relieve some of the workload.

Myrmecologist Andrea Lucky is recruiting the help of citizen scientists willing to observe, investigate and photograph the species of ants living in their communities. You may have dismissed the insects crawling over your picnic as a mere nuisance, but they may have been previously undiscovered families of ants! The hope of the School of Ants project is to not only collect data, but to promote interest and awareness of the animals living in our midst.

Crowdsourcing has proven to be an invaluable resource not only for advertisers or marketing agencies, but for scientific research groups as well. Needless to say, the volunteers at the School of Ants aren't capable of classifying every type of ant, but together, we all are!