Get Ride of Your Mistakes With These Laundry Soap School Erasers

 - Sep 4, 2014
References: fancy & fancy
School erasers don't have to come in a boring pink design anymore thanks to the creator of these scented laundry soap erasers. Now you can erase your writing mistakes and leave the sweet scent of clean laundry behind on your page.

Make your homework a little bit more interesting and fun with these scented eraser designs. Available in a pack of six, these square erasers come packaged in miniature laundry soap boxes. The boxes play off of popular soap brands like Tide and Gain with names like Ultra Rude and Main. Inside is a corresponding colored eraser cube that actually smells like the specific brand's popular laundry soap. Just as laundry detergent cleans your clothes, these soap erasers will keep your papers clear of mistakes.