The Schon No 20 Editorial is a Dark and Futuristic Look at Fashion

Set in a dark, mysterious and chic hotel room, the Schon No 20 photo shoot appears to be a celebration of the future of fashion.

Shot by photographer Christos Korantzolas, the editorial features models Tian Yi and Chrystal Copland as they lounge around a dimly-lit hotel room overlooking a beautiful cityview filled with skyscrapers. They wear sleek outfits like white pants and pumps paired with a black bra top and a colorblocked red and white finished off with sneakers. Although futuristic (one of the images features model Yi playing with a robot dog), the darkness of the series gives off a dystopian atmosphere as if the girls are in the calm before the storm.

Check out the Schon No 20 photo shoot for yourself to see where the future of fashion may be headed.