The Schistose Mirror Warps Your Image as You Become Part of the Art

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: francisbitonti & suckerpunchdaily
Unless you're experiencing an exceptionally dark and sinister mood, perhaps don't use the Schistose Mirror as a means to scrutinize a new outfit. The exquisite deep ebony piece might reveal one's reflection, but its function lies deeper than mere utility.

Polyurethane foam is the base material of this ominous object, manufactured by means of CNC cutting with an unusual texture carved into it. Rough divots cover the majority of the rectangular surface and obscure its reflectiveness, leaving just shards of smooth finish for you to gaze into.

The sculptural looking glass is coated in black automotive paint to give it a high gloss. The Schistose Mirror by Francis Bitonti is certainly functional but perhaps best appreciated as an enigmatic work of art.