The Studio 11 3D Scanning Software Features an Autopilot Function

 - Jun 3, 2016
References: artec3d & geeky-gadgets
Developed by Artec 3D, the Studio 11 3D Scanning Software is designed to help simplify the workflow when it comes to scanning 3D objects. An autopilot functionality has been created and added to the program to enable data processing in a much faster means than traditionally possible.

Many times when it comes to 3D scanning, users must scan the entirety of an object and then manually configure what needs to be deleted (i.e. the surface the object is on). The Studio 11 3D Scanning Software advanced smart mode will automatically delete this to make post-production more streamlined.

The software offers a bevy of enhanced functionalities that could be of vital use for those in the manufacturing industry and beyond.