The SAW Robot Uses Worm-Like Motion to Climb, Swim and Crawl

 - Jul 27, 2016
References: & gizmodo
Like a Sentinel out of 'The Matrix,' the SAW robot's undulating, eely motion propels it along the ground, up walls, and even through water. SAW is neither sentient nor homicidal like its fictional counterpart, though. Rather, the SAW robot is a concept that shows how a robot can use a single engine to move though many different conduits both forwards and backwards.

SAW may look like a worm to the untrained eye, but its movement is actually inspired by fish, particularly eels, who propel themselves by contorting their bodies into waves. In fact, SAW stands for Single-Action Wave. The aquatic inspiration explains why SAW is adept at moving through water.

Because of its versatile movement and ability to handle irregular surfaces, the SAW robot's inventor, David Zarrouk, believes the design could be used for robots that explore other planets.