Sarah Rose Smiley Captures Women in a Stirringly Beautiful Way

 - Jun 15, 2011
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Sarah Rose Smiley is a well-known photographer within the industry for her ability to capture highly emotive photographs. While her themes fall anywhere in between romantic or intriguingly conceptual, her work is captivating and engaging.

This collection of photos, although untitled, showcases a series of female models whose facial expressions depict despair, sadness, confusion and pain. Sarah Rose Smiley has captured these women in a way that is both sexy and soulful. The photos have a way of moving the viewer. A noted photo from the collection is a black and white image of a woman, covered in bandaids with her eyes closed. Sarah Rose Smiley hones in on the facial expressions of the models in a way that is moving and stirring. Check out her website to view more of this photographer's talented work.